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9 Signs You Need to Change Your Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

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9 Signs You Need to Change Your Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy
Digital Marketing

9 Signs You Need to Change Your Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

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9 Signs You Need to Change Your Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

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With most marketing budgets making up over 10% of a company’s total budget, knowing a campaign strategy is not working can be frustrating. Still, sometimes you might not recognize this fact until it is too late. So, what are some of the biggest signs you need to change how you approach your organization’s marketing efforts?

Below, you will find nine different ways you can see whether your digital marketing is failing you. Use each one as a checklist to work out if your efforts are producing healthy results or not. 

1. The Campaign Has No ROI

If your marketing strategy does not seem to return any measurable boost in leads or conversions, it suggests a problem exists. There may be many reasons for this, but the net result is that you likely are not communicating what you intend to with the right people. 

One of the best things you can do in this situation is to ensure you have all the data available you can. That way, you can analyze it to find what is and is not working and pivot from there. Focus on the key areas that are most valuable to you, ensuring you can continue iterating the marketing to improve over time.

2. Nobody is Engaging

If the problem is a lack of engagement in the first place, it could be that your content, or how you message it, does not impact your target audience.

Think about making more interesting content for your intended targets alone, reducing any focus on a wider group. This will ensure what you put together is relevant for a tightly-defined group. You can also think about if you are using the right online platforms to promote yourself, as the target audience may not engage in that venue.

Also, think about the types of marketing you are creating. Are they appealing to your target? Different demographics engage with online content in different ways. Thus, you should ensure what you create is interesting to the people you wish to target and not others instead.

3. You Are Targeting the Wrong People

Instead of targeting your audience in the wrong way, it might be that you are targeting the wrong audience altogether. Signs of this might be high bounce rates, as people come to your site and then realize what you offered is not for them.

If you have salespeople, they may also report to you that the leads you have offered them are not very good quality. This suggests that many people have become interested but, when given all the details, are not the right group after all.

If this happens, then when considering your marketing options, focus on the data you have to find the groups who showed interest. Find the demographics and details of those who led to conversions and see if there is a pattern. It may even be that you have a value among that group you did not know of before.

4. You Are Falling Behind Your Competitors

If other organizations in your niche are far ahead of you, it is a sure sign you are not doing as well as you could be. Though, it does give you a great opportunity to see what does work.

Take time to look at how they engage with their audience and what they do to create leads. Their tactics might be very different from yours, or they might have a better reputation and, as such, a head-start. 

It might also be useful to differentiate yourself and find where you can create a niche next to them. What do they not solve? Can you create a product or service that helps people who have that problem?

5. Your Tech Doesn’t Do What It Needs To

You need to make sure that you can respond to leads as fast as possible, as well as resolve issues when they appear. You might also want to make sure you are at the forefront of marketing technology to have the best options available to you.

Make sure your CRM software, and any automation tools you use, do everything you might need. This way, you can ensure you can respond to potential customers in a way they expect when comparing you with others.

6. Your Branding Has No Cohesion

If you use different branding across all your channels, it could confuse your customers. Make sure all your online channels either have the same focus or clear methods of communication and collaboration. Make sure you also have a single point of accountability when it comes to branding to prevent problems like this from occurring.

7. The UX is Failing Customers

A bad user experience has a very high chance of driving away customers. You will often see this when there is a sudden dip in engagement along a funnel on a website. Try to work out where this is, and ensure the design of your UI helps leads instead of hindering them.

8. When You Don’t Adapt Alongside the Market

The online space is changing all the time, and you need to move with it. If you do not, people may think of you as “old-fashioned” very fast.

Remember to research new technology, UX, and platforms to always stay ahead of the game.

9. When You Can’t Even See Metrics

You need to have the best data available to you to be able to respond to any issues your marketing strategies might have. If you do not have clear information, you will find it much harder to work out why people do not engage with you.

Your digital strategy should include ensuring you have the best software yourself or a cloud service that performs the role for you. If this is still too difficult, you could instead investigate hiring a service that can do this for you.

Adapt Your Campaign Strategy

These are great tips to help you discover if your digital campaign strategy is failing you. Still, once you know something is wrong, what do you do next?

After you discover the issue, you need to be ready to hit the ground running with effective marketing strategies, and this is where we come in. We can help you revamp your online presence so you can start producing a much better ROI with everything you put on the web. So, get in contact and get started improving your brand’s lead generation and conversion rates today.

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