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Holistic, innovative, impactful.

For large projects, for specialized industries, for a guide through marketing from a team who’ve been in the industry for years. We understand your vision and help you reach it.

Fully comprehensive

Our engagement starts with AI-driven strategy, is guided by our experienced team, and continues throughout any channel, media strategy, and format most effective for your organization. MoC provides insight, guidance, creative services if needed, and we constantly optimize throughout the campaign.
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Guaranteeing better results

Using top industry technology and proprietary algorithms means that we consistently overdeliver for our partners. Programmatic marketing allows us to gain data that outperforms using human insight alone.
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Ethical, effective marketing

Ethical, effective marketing

Our advanced algorithms have been trained on behavioral models to more accurately predict people's actions. This modeling allows our partners to connect with communities in ways that are respectful, relevant, and genuinely engaging rather than intrusive
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Custom solutions designed for your goals.

Approach every campaign with confidence, knowing you’ll remain compliant and see meaningful results. The Magnitude of Change team works with you to understand your goals, create a strategy, and execute beyond your expectations. We’ve run thousands of campaigns over a variety of specialized and highly regulated industries.

Strategic foresight

Strategic performance planning before the campaign begins, built off of comprehensive mixes of optimization tactics, audience data, geographic targeting, and tangible measurement solutions. Our algorithms and expertise can assist in determining channels and media strategy.

Dedicated operations team

With decades of experience in marketing, we dedicate several of our experienced team members to guide your campaign, as well as ensure that you remain compliant when advertising in a regulated or sensitive industry. Our team also provides creative services or guidance on request.

Campaign optimization

Our partners provide data-driven, intelligent suggestions throughout the campaign for where ad spend could be allocated more effectively.

Advanced, emotionally aware artificial intelligence

ORION uses advanced training models that allow it to recognize, interpret, and predict complex patterns of human behavior, emotion, and social context. It can deliver content that resonates on an emotional level, increasing overall engagement.

Unified, cross channel reporting

Communicate your results to the rest of your team. We provide granular, white label reporting that rivals the capabilities of custom solutions with a significantly lower cost.

Dedicated account management team

Our account management team provides updates at regular intervals, project management and check-ins to ensure deadlines are met, and sends regular communication so you know how the campaign is going.

The first programmatic platform designed for behavioral change.

Our proprietary platform utilizes Artificial and Emotional Intelligence to create strategies that are effective because they understand human behavior. Access industry leading DSPs with no minimum spend, utilizing each DSP for its most effective features.
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