We believe that positive disruption through advanced technology empowers individuals and organizations to create purposeful change. At Magnitude we combine artificial intelligence with heart; compelling and inspiring our community to do good for others and themselves.

01. Strategic

As your partner, we serve as an ally to help you adhere to and exceed expectations throughout each moment of the communications journey. Our data reflects how messaging creates change from the ground up – across the environment, throughout economic trajectories, as an advocate for human rights, and to promote mental health.

02. Social

We believe it is our duty to collectively act with a heightened level of social responsibility. We analyze micro and macro data points in real-time to connect those who may not have a voice with those who want to shout for the voiceless. We understand the most efficient and effective ways to align audiences, communities, and conversations to make a significant impact and create harmony between profit and meaningful action.

03. Programmatic

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying of ad space across the open web. Our expert team implements cutting-edge programmatic technology and communications science to enable purposeful organizations to execute campaigns that leave a real, beneficial, and lasting impact – no matter the scale.